Staffordville Lake Association

P.O. Box 155-B

Staffordville, CT  06077





            WHO:        Staffordville Lake Home Owners


            WHAT:       Annual Membership Dues


            WHERE:     Mail to the Address Above


            WHEN:       Payment Due On or Before May 1, 2021


            COST:        $25 per Family (checks payable to Staffordville Lake Association, Inc.)



Please provide us with your contact information.  This information allows us to keep in touch with you via newsletters, informational materials, meeting notices and schedules of events.



Lake Address

Lake Phone Number

E-mail Address

Other Phone (if applicable)

Mailing Address

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Membership Roster


We would like to publish a membership roster listing names, lake addresses and lake phone numbers.  This list is for member use only and will not be used for any other purpose.  Please check the appropriate box indicating your approval/preference to publish your information.


        You may publish my name, lake address and lake phone number.

        You may publish my name and lake address only (no phone number).

        Do NOT publish my information.

        Remove my name from the mailing list.